Tamagawa Aero Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter collectively Tamagawa Aero Systems), recognizes that all personal information provided you must be handled and protected with the utmost care.
Therefore, Tamagawa Aero Systems will follow the basic policy stated below to fulfill its responsibility.

1. Purposes of Use of personal information

Tamagawa Aero Systems , except as provided separately by law, use your personal information, provision of services, and those that can only be used in the purpose range of that clarifies answer, or to advance to inquiries and requests We will.

2. Acquisition of personal information

Tamagawa Aero Systems collect the personal information by means of appropriate and fair with clearify the purpose of use.

3. Disclosure to third party

Tamagawa Aero Systems will not disclose personal information to any third party except for use of personal information within Tamagawa Aero Systems or to share its trustees stated bellow.

4. Use of Personal Information Within Tamagawa Aero Systems

Tamagawa Aero Systems may share personal information, including personal name, company name, department name, job title, address, telephone number, mail address, with its group companies that range of listed in (1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information).
Tamagawa Aero Systems will be solely responsible for such use.

5. Personal information protection management system

Tamagawa Aero Systems, about the collected personal information, for implementing appropriate safety measures, as well as determining the internal rules concerning personal information, unauthorized access, tampering, destruction, leakage, loss, and reasonable measures to prevent theft.

6.Compliance with laws and regulations

Tamagawa Aero Systems, (Law about Protection of Personal Information), and regulations that apply in relation to other personal information, will comply with internal regulations.