HistoryHistory of Tamagawa Aero Systems Co.,Ltd

1952,Nov.Santoku Electronics started the repair of aircraft electronics in Shinagawa (Tokyo) in response to requests from Japan Helicopter Transport Company (currently All-Nippon Airways Co., Ltd) and the aviation department of Yomiuri Shimbun.
1964,Apr.Changed company name to Santoku Aviation Co,.Ltd.
1966,Apr.Received certification from the Japan Self-Defense Agency to serve the Air Self-Defense Force as a 1st Depot repair station and received certification as 2nd, 3rd and 4th (anti-aircraft artillery) Depot supplier, Ground Self- Defense Force and Maritime Self-Defense Force.
1974,MayEntered into a contract to operate as Japan-based domestic service stations for LEAR SIEGLER INC. (Power Equipment Division)(now GOODRICH).
1976,Dec.Authorized by Ministory of Trransport as a licensed repair station for electrical auxiliaries based on aviation law article 17.
1978,Jan.Signed a contract with the DART AEROSPACE (USA) as distributor and service station operator for Japan
1982,Sep.Executed a contract with the Furukawa Battery Company as exclusive distributor for the persistent sales of their products .
1983,Mar.Signed a contract with the ITW GSE (USA) as a service station for Hobart terrestrial power supply equipment.
1985,Jan.Assigned as Certificated repair station for the aircraft balancers and analyzers of CHADWICK-HELMUTH(currently HONEYWELL) (USA)
1990,Nov.Entered into a contract with MARATHON POWER TECHNOLOGIES (USA) for the distribution of Marathon-made batteries and the operation of licensed warrantee and repair service center in Japan.
1991,Apr.Signed a contract with LUCAS AEROSPACE POWER EQUIPMENT CORPORATION (currently GOODRICH) and SAFRAN(UK) as the warrantee center in Japan for AC GENERATOR, STARTER GENERATOR, and GENERATOR CONTROL UNIT systems.
1993,Apr.Entered into a contract with SAFT (France) for the operation of battery repair station in Japan.
1993,Aug.Signed a contract with AIR AMBULANCE TECHNOLOGY(Austria) as representative agent for airborne emergency medical equipment in Japan, Taiwan and China.
1994,Nov.Entered into an agreement with SAAB (Sweden) for the repair of SAAB aircraft electronic equipment.
1995,Mar.Certified as an authorized repair center by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.
1996,Sep.Certified as a repair station by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
1997,Jan.Signed a contract with AUXILEC (France) for the operation of repair station in Japan and Taiwan for helicopter equipment.
1998,MaySigned a distributor agreement in Japan with ITW GSE(USA).
2000,Dec.Changed to a repair station besed onJapanese aviation law article 20.
2001,Apr.Signed a contract with KGS ELECTRONICS (USA) for the sales and maintenance of airborne Inverter and Converter.
2003,Jun.Signed a contract with AIRCRAFT PARTS CORPORATION (currently SKURKA) for the sales and maintenance of STARTER GENERATOR and GENERATOR CONTROL UNIT.
2005,Jan.Authorized by BOMBARDIER (Canada) as a licensed repair center for electronic equipments of the Q400 model.
2006,Feb.Authorized by SAFRAN(UK) as a licensed repair center for AC GENERATOR, STARTER GENERATOR, GENERATOR CONTROL UNIT and other electronic equipments.
2007,Aug.By 20 million yen capital increase, the capital became 30,500,000 yen.
2008,Dec.It became 100% subsidiary company of Tamagawa Seiki Co,.Ltd. by the stock transfer.
2009,Oct.Opened Haneda office in the Haneda airpirt. Placed Kagoshima resdence office in Japan Air Commuter facility in Kirishima city, Kagoshima in October.
2010,Apr.Opened Iida facility in Iida city, Nagano.
2010Oct.Opened Kagoshima residence office by purchasing a premise in Kirishima city in Kagoshima.
2011,Apr.Changed company name from Santoku Aviation Electric.Inc to Tamagawa Aero Systems Co.,Ltd.
2011,Apr.Changed from Kagoshima residence office to Kagoshima Satellite.
2012,Jan.Moved Tokyo Head Office and Factory to Yokohama city in Kanagawa.
2013,Nov.Opened Iida Satellite in Iida City.Nagano.
2014,Mar.Certified as a repair station by the European Aviation Safety Agency(EASA)
2014,Nov.Moved Yokohama Head Office and Factory to Haneda Airport in Tokyo.
2015,Apr.Moved the operations of aircraft repair in part from ANA Component Technics CO.,LTD(Japan).
2016,May.Signed a distributor agreement with LANGA INDUSTRIAL(Spain) for Aircraft Hydrauric Jacks.
2016,Jun.Signed a contract with FCX(USA) for the sales and maintenance of power supply equipment.
2017,Feb.Certified as a official provider by LOCKHEED MARTIN(USA).
2019,Nov.Haneda Head office has been Licensed for JISQ9100:2016&JISQ9001:2015(ISO9001:2015).
2021,Mar.Signed a contract with ROGERSON-kratos(USA) for the sales and maintenance of Aircraft Avionics.
2021,May.Signed a distributer agreement with ROBUS(Canada) for Shelter.
2021,Jul.Opened Narita Satellite in Narita airport area, Chiba.
2022,May.Narita Satellite has been certified as a repair station on Japanese aviation law article 20.